Returning back from my travels and improving my mental health!

I’ve not posted anything for a while now. It’s not because I’ve been lazy, nor busy at work, but I just wanted a break from EVERYTHING!

I experienced a slight change in my mental health recently. I was beginning to get anxious, stressed, and sometimes depressed. I wasn’t sleeping right which lead to a slight lack in performance at work too so I decided I needed to make some changes to my lifestyle and daily routine.

A friend of mine had recently booked his stag do / bachelor party in Las Vegas and invited me to join them. Having felt pretty down recently I decided to snap his hand off at it, but to also extend the initial 5 day trip for a 3 week adventure with a friend!

We went to Las Vegas, San Diego, San Francisco and then drove the coast to Los Angeles and spent a week there exploring too. The past 3 weeks have been the best 3 weeks of my life, and I’ll be sharing all of the food I’ve eaten and it will hopefully inspire to put my own take on each dish so keep an eye out for future posts!

Having experienced minor anxiety and depression recently, I’ll be making a few changes to my lifestyle routine and including these in my new routine.

Some of these will include:

  • Attending the Gym with a 10 week training plan
  • New diet
  • Headspace – mindfulness and meditation
  • Yoga, Pilates and body balance

I’ll be posting more around the above topics as opposed to just food blogs so please let me know if there is a topic that interests you!

Until then, keep an eye out for some of my next posts!

Thanks, Ped x