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Paleo Pancakes
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Paleo Pancakes Recipe

Paleo Pancakes are light and fluffy pancakes not made in a very traditional way, other than the maple syrup! You can’t have pancakes without it! Cautious Eaters… I keep seeing Ped making all these delicious pancakes and it’s really made me crave them. Unlike him I haven’t got an incredible metabolism and can eat 6 […]

Blueberry, Pear & orange Smoothie
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Smoothie with Blueberry, Pear & Orange

Our healthy smoothie recipe with blueberries, pear, orange, and porridge oats is a tasty and delicious way to start your morning in the right way! You may think this is a strange one once again, putting blueberries, pears, and orange along with oat milk and porridge oats into a smoothie…but bare with me on this… […]