Acai Berry & Strawberry Smoothie

We visited Disney world a couple of years back, which was a dream holiday for me at the time! Each day I would enjoy a Strawberry Acai drink from Starbucks! Upon returning to the UK, I couldn’t find Acai berries to replicate the drink, BUT I could find Acai slush from Ocado. It’s blended Acai berries that are then frozen into a sachet. I bought some to try and decided i’d start making the Brazilian classic – Acai bowl instead of a juice. Traditionally, these are made with just frozen bananas and some sort of nut milk, but with mine I add mango and strawberries too. I will be blogging about my Acai Bowls soon…

So I decided to try a Strawberry Acai Smoothie and add what I call a ‘Banana Cloud’ on top, which is blended frozen bananas and nut milk. The two mix really well together!

I made the banana cloud-first, super simple to make, and has an amazing caramel taste.

Ingredients for the Banana Cloud:

  • 2 x Frozen Bananas
  • 1/3 Cup of Oat Milk
  • Pinch of Coconut Sugar or Alt Sugar


(Serves 2) Takes roughly 5 minutes

You add the 2 x Frozen Bananas to a blender or something we love is the Vitamix – I honestly couldn’t recommend a Vitamix enough. I have had  couple of blenders over the years, starting with a Nutri bullet. This is a great first blender, just not powerful enough to get the super smooth creamy consistency that the Vitamix gets. I then went onto a Smeg, also fab but you will need to slightly defrost your fruit before blending. A VitaMix allows you to just throw in all your frozen fruit and whizz it up. Amazing.

But getting back to this delicious cloud on the top of your smoothie. Add your frozen banana, a half teaspoon of coconut sugar and some oat/nut milk to your blender. Whizz and mash until you have a super creamy consistency.

I removed this from the blender, popped it into a glass and back in the freezer to keep it cold. Just whilst I continue to make the rest of the smoothie.

Ingredients for the Strawberry Acai Smoothie:

  • 1 x Frozen Banana
  • 6 x Frozen Strawberries
  • 1 x Small Handful of Blueberries
  • 1 x Sachet of Sambazon Acai
  • Oat Milk to loosen the mixture, add as you go.


(Serves 2) Takes roughly 5 minutes

  1. To make the smoothie, add 1 x frozen banana, 6 x frozen strawberries, 1 x Acai sachet and some Oat Milk (as you see fit) to the Vitamix.
  2. Just keep blending and mashing and within a couple of minutes you’ll have your smoothie. Icy cold, creamy and super tasty!
  3. Once done, add to your mason jar, I prefer these as they hold slightly more than a normal glass. Add a scoop of your banana cloud and away you go.
  4. I ate the cloud with a spoon, it’s really creamy and feels a lot more decadent than just blended bananas before you drink the smoothie. Or you can mix the two together as you go!
Acai & Strawberry Smoothie in a Mason Jar.

Strawberry Acai Smoothie with a Banana cloud, if you like this and fancy giving another one of my smoothies a go, take a look here…

Serves 2 hungry people!


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