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I’m Ped, that’s short for Pedro. I’m not Spanish either, but have inherited the name from my old man. He’s not Spanish either….

The only thing I have in common with the heritage, is that my favourite cuisine is either Tapas or Mexican. I look more like a Swede than a Mediterranean or Latin American.

When I’m not in the kitchen….

The first thing I should say about myself is that I’m not a proper chef. I’m self taught, have no formal qualifications in food, just a passion for experimenting in the kitchen. I just love cooking. When I’m not in the kitchen, I’m a recruiter by day. Outside of work, I enjoy playing golf, mountain biking, and snowboarding. As well as going on many holidays in a year as a possibly can afford. My dog Bud is also a big part of my life too. He’s the quality control, and waste disposal management here at Ped’s Kitchen.

As well as the hobbies above, pretty much anything food related will get my attention. I love reading about food, and then creating dishes using inspirations I’ve had. I’ve been lucky to travel all around the world. I’m always keener to explore the dining, and food cultures rather than the nearest beaches, tourist attractions or shopping malls.

Food inspirations from around the world….

I’ve been fortunate to travel to so many different countries, across the globe. I’ve dined at Michelin Star restaurant’s in multiple continents. That doesn’t mean I’m a food snob (well that’s debatable). I’ve eaten at back street cafe’s in Hong Kong, whilst watching the chef smoke a cigarette whilst cooking my lunch. (I have pics). I’ve experienced quirky ski chalets thousands of feet up the mountains. Dirty kebab hangouts in Ibiza at 6am after a night surrounded by people who would only eat disco biscuits. The list goes on.

One thing that I have learnt is that with food, everyone has a different taste. Some people don’t like fancy rich food. Some people on the other hand would be repulsed at some of my quad patty bacon triple cheese melt burgers. These contain more calories than your average daily allowance. You will even see healthy smoothies occasionally pop up on our page. My Dad would only describe as a ‘Bushtucker Trial’. You see, everyone’s different when it comes to food.

Disclaimer. We eat what we make…..

Oh, and one other thing I’d like to make VERY clear. We are food bloggers, but the food we cook, we actually eat. We don’t do four or five trial runs with our food before posting. Oh and we certainly don’t add ingredients or props to improve images of our food. We prepare, cook, photograph and then EAT our food. I do sometimes batch cook living on my own. However at no point does any of the food I use in this blog go to waste.

Also, I do swear from time to time, and you’ll probably see a few swear words in my posts. I think it’s important to write as if I were talking, and not try to be someone I’m not. I wear my heart on my sleeve and hope this comes across in my writing. I’m very polite and well mannered in person, but have a good, dry sense of humour too.

So kitchen’s aren’t just for after parties?

I’ve been cooking for around 15 years now I’d say, but properly for just over 10. When I say properly, I mean actually mixing ingredients from fresh and cooking them. Not just cooking pre packed oven meal for ones, or beans on toast and things like that.

I remember my first real cooking experience. Well it felt like ‘real’ as I had to produce a meal for other people anyway. It was just over 10 years ago now, and I’d just finished a round of golf with the lads. I was the young ripe age of just 21. Back then, we all lived with our parents still. We would alternate who’s house we’d go to when our parent’s were on holiday. You know, the stuff every 21 year old would do.

I remember the one day my friend Ben, asking if what we all doing after the round of golf. He asked if anyone wanted to go back to his parents house for food. “Can anyone cook? I really fancy a pasta bake – does anyone know how to do it?” he said. And that was it, without any hesitation I said me and offered to cook for six golfers. Knowing full well I’d not got a scooby how on earth I was going to make this pasta bake. The thing is with cooking, I honestly believe I can cook anything. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to look, or taste perfect but food is food. With the right mindset you can make anything in the kitchen. It just gets better with practice and tips.

Pasta la viusta, takeaways….

So we all went back to Ben’s, and I think I’d quickly googled pasta bake recipes in the changing rooms. Frantically worrying about fucking up six peoples dinner after tirelessly walking around a golf course. I must have stumbled across a food blog. It was a rough guide showing me how to cook a pasta bake.

I can’t remember exactly what went into the pasta at the time, as we’re talking over a decade ago. It was definitely a tomato based pasta bake. With no doubt shit loads of cheese chucked in no doubt. Me and melted cheese go back a long way. Anyway, it was a complete hit for the lads. And from then on I ended up becoming the weekly chef. I’d cook up different requests from the lads using whatever ingredients we could get our hands on. Usually the nearby local Tesco Express. I’ve gone up in the world a bit since then. i try to buy organic, from my local farm.

It wasn’t until a few months after, when we were on a night out speaking to a group of girls at one of the local bars. One of them asked who the chef of the group was and if any can cook. “Ped’s the cook, he’s awesome he make’s really good food” or something like that, all of the lads said. Fuck me I thought, I felt a great sense of achievement. And I was so proud that my friends had actually bigged me up (lads don’t don that). Especially in a situation where everyone was trying to individually impress. I was chuffed.

From then on, I began to get more and more into cooking and eventually created a food blog. Ped’s Kitchen.

How Ped’s Kitchen began:

I started this food blog last year and gave up after about a month. I’ll never get bored of cooking. As much as I enjoy posting the content, blogging on your own can be a bit of a lonely place. All of these great ideas were building up in my head but had nobody to share them with. Try to implement a strategy across multiple social media platforms is hard. But not only that, I didn’t know where to start. If I’m honest, it was a bit overwhelming given I work full time. Living on my own meant sacrificing social opportunities to keep up with my blog. Fuck that…

This year, we suddenly found ourselves in a global pandemic and in a lockdown situation. This means we could (and still) only leave our homes in certain situations. This would be for an hour of exercise a day, or a trip to the supermarket. That was it really unless you were a key worker meaning you had to commute to your place of work. I have been placed on the government furlough scheme. This means I have to stay at home, but thankfully still being paid. So what else am I gonna do? I don’t watch much TV. There’s no sport on so fuck it, I’m just gonna cook!

Quarantine motivation

Living alone, this would mean being stuck between four walls, with no social interaction. The good weather is fast approaching, and an hour a day isn’t really enough. Let alone not being able see any friends or family for a minimum of 3 months. I can speak to people via video call but the only see face to face encounters are in the supermarket. Usually by someone wearing a mask and rubber gloves. Or crossing somebody in the park whilst out exercising once a day. Having said that it’s surprising how much friendlier people are in these times.

For someone who is very much a peoples person, who meets people face to face almost all day, every day. Numerous meetings, interviews, Skype calls, meeting friends, family, and so on and so on. This was going to be a huge change to my life. I knew it could have a massive impact on my mental health and wellbeing given the drastic changes. I know a lot of other people are in my situation too.

Going from a fast paced, socially interactive recruitment role; to an isolated, furloughed, single 32 year old man. A man who has just had his whole social world taken away from him. Bit of a kick in the bollocks really. Not to mention the fact I was supposed to go to California at the beginning of April. Meaning I’ve lost out on my annual snowboarding trip, let alone the money that I’m still trying to get refunded. But at least I’ve got my health, family and friends. And very grateful of it.

More than just a best man…..

I was having a conversation with my best mate Tom, and his wife Bex. I know these two really well, and was best man at their wedding. Tom works in recruitment too, so his situation has been pretty similar to mine. Bex is self employed, and works in beauty, so her work had pretty much come to an halt too.

We were brainstorming ideas of stuff for us to keep busy. We just wanted to utilise the time we had on our hands. Me and Tom have a had a few side hustles in the past. We knew we’d end up doing something together at some point. I’d mentioned the blog I started last year to Tom. He immediately said “That’s it – that’s what we need to do!” and encouraged the group of us to a form a little team. The original Ped’s Kitchen suddenly became three people, and what two better people to have doing it with you.

We all share a passion for food. But have unique skillsets, a number of strengths (and weaknesses) we bring to the table. Individually we are all creative, but are pretty new to the world of blogging, but certainly not to food. We started the blog officially at the beginning of April 2020. We’ve had an absolute blast since doing it so far. Of course we are still amateurs, but our food pics are getting better. Our writing is slightly improving and our audience is certainly taking a leap in numbers too. We’re chuffed, and we really mean that, so thank you for all of the support so far.

Ped’s Cooking style:

You can find a list of all of my recipes here.

In terms of what I like to cook, it’s pretty much anything and everything. My preference sways more towards Mexican and Spanish flavours. I’m a lover of cheeses and most meats too. I can’t exactly say my page is on the healthy side.

Breakfast is now becoming one of my times to prepare food for the blog. Previously I would happily skip the most important meal of the day and have a bigger lunch instead. This has changed thanks to some recent Instagram inspiration. There will definitely be some quirky, weird and wonderful breakfast coming from me soon.

Smoothies have never been a strength of mine. With the recent recruiting of the smoothie queen, (Bex) I have no excuse. My skills are definitely improving in this area. Thanks Bex.

What’s for dessert?

I also have a real sweet tooth, and have always preferred cooking starters and mains than desserts. My baking is on the rise (waaahhey) and there will be a lot more content coming soon in this area. Remember what I said about food not looking or tasting exactly the same.

Food challenges. This is something that has been popular over the past few years with a few TV shows. I admit that I can be a greedy pig at times, and can eat 3000 calories a day and still lose weight. As any one would, I take full advantage of this, and like to fulfil my appetite. I also love a challenge. Try me.

Get in touch:

As I said above, I’m a people’s person. If you’d like to know more or even just have a chat, I’m always open to talking and would love to hear from you. Now is probably a better time than ever so let’s connect!

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Tom and Bex will both be doing an introduction too so please do keep an eye out for their blogs. We will also be doing a Q&A next month. If you have any questions for us, then please do fire them over. They can be anything not just food related.

Thanks for reading this post, please keep safe and more recipes coming soon

Ped x

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