Improving My Hydration

**This is not a paid or sponsored post, and a review of products that I actually use at home myself!**

There has never been a more important time to keep hydrated.

I for one struggle to drink 1 litre of water a day, let alone 2. It’s not that I don’t enjoy drinking water. I just tend to forget I think! But don’t get me wrong, if there’s a water dispenser in view, with a load of stacked glasses and some colourful pieces of fruit floating around the top, it’s a little more inviting than a glass of council pop. It’s amazing what a dispenser containing a few ice cubes can do to your tap water.

I was at a wedding last year in France, and we was at a stunning venue called Chateau Rigaud, just outside of Bordeaux. (I really need to write a post about this amazing place!)

I remember the following day after the wedding, the guests were catered for with a beautiful organic superfood lunch, with all ingredients freshly picked on site. I remember it looking like a luxury buffet, albeit for the Royal Family. Lot’s of colourful foods, and salad dressings.

But what impressed me the most? The line of unique, fruit infused drinks that were on offer, all being served from Kilner dispensers. After a full day at the wedding, and a lot of alcohol consumption the night before, this is exactly what the guests needed to keep them hydrated on such a perfect day. This is where my idea came from I think……

I recently purchased a 5 Litre water dispenser by Kilner. As a few weeks prior I’d purchased a range of their jars before Cleaning Out My Pantry. I thought this would be a nice matching addition to the kitchen, and hopefully beneficial in making me drink more water too. It’s also fairly easy to clean.

What I love about this product, is not only does it encourage you to drink more water, it looks great on any kitchen worktop.

There is an additional stand that you can buy, that elevates the dispenser meaning a glass can be placed underneath, instead of having to hover it over the side of the edge (if that makes sense?) It is on my to-buy list, however the only downfall to this product is that it should be included really.

I love the Kilner range. The products some how give you a perception that the contents are either fresh or home made. They’re the perfect addition to any household. They have an Original (orange) and Signature (grey) collection as shown below.

As like most of us, I have a lot more time on my hands over the coming weeks and will be using this time to try and get a bit better organised and clear out some more junk I think.

No doubt I’ll be buying more additions to the pantry soon!

What are you favourite products, and what would you recommend for me to use for my spice rack? It could do with a clear-out and a bit or reorganising so I’m looking for some inspiration.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for reading the blog, and I hope you’re all keeping safe, and staying at home.

Ped x

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