Cleaning Out The Pantry

Well I guess most of us have got more time on our hands than usual. That’s why I’ve been Cleaning Out The Pantry. We’ve been advised to stay at home by the government. We can only go out only in the event of an emergency, essential shopping, caring duties, working, and one form of exercise per day.

If you’re like me, then you’ve probably spent most of it at home, sticking to the advice. Not going out shopping everyday, having a kick about around the park with friends or taking part on a group cycling activity. I’ve seen it all the past few weeks when out jogging, or out to do my weekly shop. Stay at home people it’s not like they’re asking much of us!

Cleaning out the pantry

I’m one of these people that can’t sit still, and would see Netflix as a waste of time. I do watch Netflix, but no more than twice per week and only really before bed.

I’m a bit of a messy person….

I can be a messy person at times. Given the amount I cook, it’s completely understandable. There’s always something I can be cleaning or tidying at home though.

One of the things on my list to do has been to clean out one of my pantry cupboards. Most people tend to have that one unorganised cupboard. Half opened pasta packets, split rice bags, leaking sugar, damaged flour bags. Keeping them in storage jars also improves the shelf-life and freshness of the product.

All of the above things can make a real mess when not looked after properly, and recently I decided to give mine a good clear out. I’ve been looking around at storage jars. I thought once I start this I’ll probably want to carry on and do some of the other cupboards too. I wanted to ensure I picked the right, matching containers.

Cleaning out the pantry

I went ahead with Kilners. I do love my modern kitchen accessories, but I opted for the more traditional look. I’d spotted a 5l water dispenser they had too, and thought I’d go for the matching look. I’m not disappointed either.

I’d tried to achieve that ‘homemade’ feel. Then decided to get something that could label them all up. I chose a Dymo Omega Label from Amazon. For less than £20 this is a must buy, and has also been handy for other uses around the house. I’ve labelled my spice jars due to the old print fading, and even organised my plugs behind the T.V, and labelled each one for future quick reference.

Dymo Labeller to clean out pantry and organize jars

I’ve not stopped with the labeller, and have still not had to change the original roll. I’m happy so far with the purchase!

Thanks for reading this Cleaning Out My Pantry blog. I love Kilner products. Check out this blog about Improving My Hydration

Ped x

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