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Triple Chocolate Cake Recipe

I haven’t baked this recipe in so long, I can’t remember where I found it, I just remember it being amazing! The most chocolatey, spongy loaf!!! And I’m going to try and re-create it today for you…I may fail and have to do it a few times before I get it right but here it […]

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Salmon Caesar Salad

This Salmon Caesar salad was a bit of a mash up of a few ideas and a selection of ingredients we had in that day. It’s been a bit like that recently, trying to utilise and use what’s available in the fridge and kitchen cupboards that day! That’s where a solid meal prep and planning […]

Steak Bake
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Steak Bake Recipe

I love love a Greggs Steakbake. That’s why I’ve create a Steak Bake Recipe. One of the best things about the British baker is their signature steak bakes. However, it’s a bit of a roulette at times in whether you’re going to get one at the right temperature.