Peach Smoothie
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Peach Smoothie Recipe with a Tropical Flavour

Good morning, I think it’s time for another smoothie recipe right? This ones really creamy and full of flavour. I added peach along with a whole load of tropical fruits. Head on down to read exactly how I made this peach smoothie! As I have mentioned before I love waking up and having something refreshing […]

Mellow Yellow Smoothie
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Mellow Yellow Smoothie with Mango & Pineapple!

This Mellow Yellow Smoothie is zingy, refreshing, and full of flavour and great for warmer days! It contains mango, pineapple, banana and much more! It seemed to fit perfectly as it’s been so warm over the past week. Don’t get me wrong I drink smoothies all year round, but I don’t always want a chocolate […]