Welcome to Ped’s Kitchen and thanks for clicking to find out more about us and what we do. Ped’s Kitchen is made up of a team of three friends; Ped, Tom & Bex. (Tom & Bex are a married couple!)

We’ll be posting more about us individually over the coming weeks, so you can learn more about us then!

How did the blog start?

It was actually Ped, or Pedro if you like, who had the idea for the blog. He started making content last year, before tailing off and focussing on other things. With the pandemic that unfortunately hit the world in early 2020, he decided to give the blog a second attempt.

Knowing that Tom & Bex also have a keen interest in food and love to cook at home, he decided to ask them to contribute with ideas, recipes, and support with admin and website tasks.

It’s safe to say that since re-launching the blog with new content, we’ve all really enjoyed the process. In addition, it’s certainly kept us busy whilst spending more time at home!

Are we professional chefs?

It’s best to mention that none of us have any formal training in the kitchen. We certainly don’t claim to be professional chefs. What we hope to do, is share ideas and showcase what we are eating on a day to day basis. All the food we make should be achievable in a normal home kitchen. Occasionally we’ll use specific products that will be highlighted in the post. You may see, Peds waffle maker or Bex Vitamix making quite a few appearances.

Our styles…

You’ll see from our posts that we all have different styles and tastes with the food we prepare. But I’m sure that’s the case with everyone right? Ped loves his American style burgers and has a sweet tooth like we’ve never seen before. Bex tends to lean more towards healthier options, but occasionally dips into baking cakes and sweets. Tom’s food falls somewhere in between.

Hopefully if you’ve landed on our website, there’s something that will take your fancy. Hopefully you’ll keep coming back for more.

Feel free to contact us and get in touch. We love to chat and grow our network within the food community.

Thanks again,

Ped, Tom and Bex