Review: Kings British BBQ Extra Tender and Soft Jerky

I wanted to share a review of the beef jerky I picked up over the weekend. Beef Jerky isn’t a usual snack for me but I’m trying to cut down on chocolate and crisps so these are an alternative.

Beef Jerky has never appealed to me too much however as I’ve been training quite a fair bit recently, I’m getting a littl more concious of what I eat. One of my biggest downfalls is when it comes to snacks. I stuff myself full of chocoalte and crisps when I’m hungry so I’ve decided to try and replace this for healthier snacks.

These beef jerky snacks can provide a good protein serving per bag (over 20g) although this particular flavour does contain quite a bit of salt.

Snacks like these don’t usually look the best but these look quite appetising. They look like dried pieces of fillet steak to best describe them.

These taste abolutely great – In fact they are the tastiest beef jerky I’ve ever eaten and I’ve gotta be honest these will be a new snack for me!

  • Gluten & Allergen free
  • Air-dried
  • High Protein
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • 100% British & Irish Beef

If I can cut out a few chocolate bars and bags of crisps per week by replacing them with these I’ll be getting a better in take of protein too.

Verdict: 9/10

Click the packer to get this amazing Jerky for less than £1.50 per pack!

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