Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce Review

Sweet Baby Jesus…. I mean Ray’s

I would typically review a bottled sauce as a blog. However, this sauce is far from the usual……

I’m not a massive BBQ sauce fan. All my friends eat it and it would be their preferred choice. I’m more of a ketchup man if I’m honest. But only with things like chips and junk food. Sweet Baby Ray’s on the other hand is exactly what it says on the tin! (Or bottle) s.


Here I’ve used the sauce on my Chicken Bacon and Cheese Brioch’s. I dont eat KFC so this is my home made version of it. If you’d like me to share my recipe for this please comment below.

Verdict: It’s by far the tastiest BBQ sauce I’ve ever had. It’s not in all supermarkets but there’s a link below where you can get a couple of bottle

Rating: 9/10

Thanks for reading. Ped x

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